Open Site Builder: Free web developer tools

OSB is a main part of free open source web developer tools that automates the essential task of a web site development mechanism—populating a predefined page template with information from content files and generating the target web site documents. Allows configuring menus and navigation bars on a per page basis. This approach lets you effectively manage site building process by separating page layout development from content creation. Eliminates the need of additional template rendering engine at runtime thus saving your site processing power on each page served.

The software is in active use since its first appearance in 1997 and has proven its capability to handle very complex sites and intranet systems. Written entirely in PHP it is truly platform-independent and runs perfectly well on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Software downloads are available through the SourceForge repository. A number of forums and mailing lists is also available.

Getting started guide, tutorials and additional documentation is maintained at Open Site Builder Tools site.

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